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Innovative Project Management software that simplifies planning for project managers and facilitates execution
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29 October 2015

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A large number of basic project management tools have a fundamental flaw as they leave it to the project manager to adjust schedules or resources whenever a milestone is missed or a constraint is noticed. Such an approach burdens the project manager with loads of scheduling work that he would have ideally preferred to avoid. Well thanks to the sophisticated Comindware Project 1.0.585, project managers can look forward to automatic scheduling and task reallocation in a dynamic manner. This exciting online software comes loaded with a plethora of project planning and management options that make it one of best tools in its class.

The Comindware Project 1.0.585 is essentially an online tool that presents before you a neat interface which is intuitive. With a little effort, manager can quickly grasp its working and use it to his advantage. Incidentally the application offers a detailed help section where you can know more about its features. It uses a preemptive priority scheduling mechanism to allocate tasks and comes with a highly analytical grant chart. Pending work continues to get reschedules as per the best available options progress is depicted graphically. The tool offer extensive collaboration features which enable team members to communicate and work together on same projects. Through its sophisticated team network features, employees can discuss projects, interact with different stakeholders like customers, keep a track of documents and even search out other team members with ease. It interestingly even allows managers to recognize and award employees within the tool and thus offers a great way to motivate your team.

Owing to its rich feature set and flawless performance, we mark Comindware Project 1.0.585 with a score of four and half rating stars. If you happen to run multiple projects concurrently then you should definitely try out this remarkable product.

Publisher's description

Comindware Project is a professional Project Management solution for Project Managers and team members that brings an innovative technology for efficient project planning, execution and collaboration. It is designed for mid to large businesses including IT, Marketing, software development and other.
Comindware Project allows users to significantly reduce planning time and minimize planning errors thru end-to-end process automation and an intuitive user interface, while enhanced resource allocation and leveling mechanisms allow companies to maximize resource and asset utilization.
The project plan in Comindware Project is scheduled just by assigning tasks and defining priorities through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Comindware Project allows users to create a fully visual project chart a Work Breakdown Structure and get a clear project task hierarchy with an unlimited number of task levels. The Predictive Gantt chart automatically reschedules the remainder of the work so that the overall plan constantly remains up-to-date and renders the real project status as well as actual estimated milestones and the completion date. Finally, Comindware Project allows users to prevent resource conflicts in advance by allocating resources to different projects based on the distributed workload information.
Comindware Project is available in Cloud as well as on-premise. The Solution is also available on mobile platforms; the recently released iPad version provides Project Managers with a complete project planning functionality available now on touch devices. Comindware Project integration with MS Outlook allows users to manage project activities and documents without leaving the familiar working environment.
Comindware Project
Comindware Project
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